Adolescent Dermatology

Transition to adulthood is a crucial milestone for all young people, and requires special considerations for our patients. It is the time they make decisions about their education and future occupation, begin relationships and self-manage their disease. Having any chronic condition adds complexity to this period and specialised Young Person's or Adolescent Dermatology services can provide valuable support for their medical and psychosocial needs.

The BSPD has created a list of resources which may be shared with patients in the transitional period, or adapted for use in a specialised young person's dermatology clinic.

Leaflet and resources for young people attending dermatology clinics

Leaflet for teenagers about eczema  (written by Dr Tess McPherson in collaboration with the National Eczema Society)

Eczema for Teens

In addition, we have created a list of background articles for healthcare professionals and some resources to support developmentally appropriate healthcare.

Resources for healthcare professionals

Resources for schools and classrooms (external: Changing Faces charity)

Recent poster presentations relevant to adolescent and young people's healthcare at BSPD meetings:

Adolescent attendances in BHSCT – time for a transition clinic?
Dr V Campbell, Dr D Middleton, Dr S Austin,  Dr H Hunter,  Dr S Hoey,  Department of Dermatology,  Belfast City Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
BSPD Annual meeting 2019 (poster prize winner)