Did you know that children with psoriasis may be eligible for the BADBIR study? 

Since October 2015,   BADBIR has been accepting enrolment of paediatric patients with psoriasis.

As these patients are being exposed to immunosuppressive therapy on a comparatively immature immune system, it is important that the long term safety is evaluated. In addition, there is potentially a high lifetime exposure to these therapies which may place them at a higher risk than adults.

Currently BADBIR’s recruitment total for participants is only around 30 registrations across the whole of the U.K. and Ireland with just 16 centres contributing.   We understand that it is possible that you are not necessarily managing these patients in your clinics but please could you liaise with colleagues to explore the feasibility of registering these eligible patients.

Full details of the eligibility criteria for paediatric patients on BADBIR can be found at

If you require any assistance or advice please contact the BADBIR study team at or on 0161 306 1896.